The Concept and The artistic practise



During the last ten years white has been the main issue to my exhibitions and my artistic approach.  White seen as a " stage" from which I can perform within a field. Here white  can become  visible in  different  levels and in many  layers. White is: a person, a color, a  place and the simple background on which an object is shown. The thing that is there, before anything else. White is a varity of different elements, a conlomerete of  matters, facets of  life. White makes it possible to deal with any element within art, and still doing it within a very closed and controled area, which make  the expression much more  reachable and visible for the viewer. Its  reducing the fact, that art could be so much more, but doing it within the sentense "less is more". But by no means is my art only minimal, and reduced to be only an object excisting within the art world. It consist of so many natural elements aswell.  Art can and must only be a part of it, and definitely not it all.

It is an important issue, that the actual construction of my artistic work is handmade exclusively by me.Its the whole idear of being an artist,to bring a kind of "language" directly from one person to another, without any interfearing from any outer parts, By doing that I devoir all kind of hetacic order in the artistic life.