John Krogh *1959

Education :

Silkeborg Art school 1981-83

The Drawing School, Glyptoteket Copenhagen  1983-84

The Academy of fine Art, Odense, Denmark 1885 - 87

Solo exhibitions/ projects:

2017  Acinet Ligth , Mod Strøm, Hesbjerg Slot . DK

2011  The Cabin #3 in  The Walden Trilogy and Project,  The Exhibitionspace, Spanien 19c Aarhus DK

          The Wave The Council Hall Roskilde Municipalty DK

2009  Decending, Laugarvatn Studio Gallery, Iceland

          The Mountain #2 The Walden Trilogy and Project, Tranegaarden Gentofte   DK

2008  White Journey Shadow, The Foyèr Gallery, Hollufgaard Odense  DK

          The Wave #1 in The Walden Trilogy and project,  Ringsted Gallery DK ( with Steinnun  Helgadurdottir and Mette Dalsgaard)

2007  At kaste grene, Gallery Nordlys, Copenhagen DK

2001  Green-White-Levitation, Byrdcliffe Art Colony Woodstock  NY, USA

2000  Outside-White- Inside no.1, GUK exhibition place  Lejre DK

          Outside-White-Inside no.2,Selfoss, Iceland IS

          Outside-White-Inside no.3, Hannover Germany D

1999  Around White, North  exhibition place Copenhagen DK ( with  Morten Tillitz)

          White Chamber, The Exhibition place for Contemporary Art, Overgaden Copenhagen DK

1998  Flat no.15, Babel-louk, Cairo. Egypt

1997  Compilation 3, Klosterbakken Odense DK

          Painted, Common White, Filosofgangen Odense DK (with Peter Holm)

1996  PAS The artists house, Aarhus  DK

1995 12  boards, Frederiksbjerg  Aarhus DK

1991  Vision, The Exhibition place for Contemporary Art, Overgaden Copenhagen DK

1990  Paradox, Gallery Høgsberg, Aarhus DK

1988  The  consideration of Linnè, Gallery Marius  Copenhagen.DK (with  Torben Helsinghoff)

          Paintings, Gallery Aaen, Aarhus  DK  ( with Arne Granberg)

Group exhibitions/projects

2022 Rear Mirror/ Between the Clock and The Bed, Stokrosebanden, Pakhuset Nykøbing, Denmark DK

2022 Qwerty Stux, Center for stupid expiriments, Stockholm Independant Artfair, Supermarket, S

2021 Qwerty Stux, Center for stupid expiriments, Juxtapose Aarhus, DK

2019 Qwertyuiopå¨, Book Launch, Sracok & Pohlmann, Studio 1.1, London UK

2018 Qwerty, School of Susak, EXPO Croatia. CR

2017 Qwerty, Salvation, Platform Gallery, Vaasa. F

         Qwerty, Afterlife Service, Art Fair Soumi 17 Helsingki F

         Hostage, Sluice Magasin release, Studio 1, London GB

2016 Qwerty Therapy,Filosofgangen,Odense .DK

         Qwerty Therapy, Bushwick, International exposition N.Y.  USA

         Qwerty Beauty, Gallery RAKE Trondheim, N

2015 Qwerty After life service,  OXO Tower,Sluice Art Fair; London GB

         Qwerty Foreign Exchange, Gallery 5000 Odense , DK

         Qwerty BAR, Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm  SE

2014 Qwerty, Foreign Exchange, Bushwick International Exop N.Y. USA

         Qwerty, Real Estate, Supermarket, Stockholm independant  Art Fair, SE

         Qwerty, Real Estate, Circulations Centralen, Malmø SE

2013 Qwerty Bakery, Gallery Hinterconti Berlin D

2012 Qwerty What a mess, The hydrogenfactory Art Fair Frederikstad N

         Qwerty  Copenhagen Alt. DK

         Qwerty Foreign Exchange,Supermarket, Stockholm Independant  Art Fair SE

2011 Qwerty Foreign Exchange,Dialoques at the Biennale in Sct. Petersburg RU

         Walden Circles, With the Qwerty Group, at Kunstepedemien Göteborg SE

2010 Qwerty, Man in a 100 years, Supermarket Independant Art fair Stockholm SE

         Qwerty Man in a 100 years, Gallery Hinterconti Hamburg D

         The Wave, Regionalen,  Musicon Roskilde DK

         Qwerty Man in a 100 years, FIT Internationale Tankstelle openhagen DK

         On Paper, Gallery Stalke Kr.Sonnerup DK

         He  breaks the bread, with Qwerty at Gallery Rasmus, Skagen DK

         R, With the Qwerty group, at Gallery 5, Middelfart DK

2009 The white Mound, Odsherred Art Museum Asnæs DK

         Time, With the Qwerty art group, at Cykelborsen, Randers DK

         White Mirror, Anonymous Drawings No.9 Alt Copenhagen DK

         White Mirror, Anonymous Drawings No.10 Kunstraum Kreutzberg/ Bethanien Berlin D

2008 The Wave #1 The Walden Project,  Gallery RIngsted DK

         White Journey, Tåstrup Kunstforening, DK

2007 Qwerty Freedom, at Days of Art and Love Odense  DK

         Drawings, Borup City Hall DK

2006 The Red Ear,Crossover at Roskilde City Hall DK

         The White Heart, Hvalso City Hall DK

         Paintings  Arnagergard Bornholm DK

2005 JOMOSTME Gullkistan Art Festival Laugarvatn IS

         JOMOSTME, Dobbelt-op at Kos Koge Art Museum DK

2004 Drawings, Gallery Nordlys Copenhagen DK

2002 social configuration presents: freedom, Charlottenborg Copenhagen DK

         social configuration  presents: freedom  CAMP Hornafjördur IS

         Curator and the co founder of the drawing space The Guest Room Copenhagen DK

         We take the Garbage,Windowspace Copenhagen DK ( with Morten Tillitz)

         Editor on the Camp Lejre Catalouge.

2001 Co curator on the The CAMP Lejre Project DK

         social configuration Presents: The lake/ The amfitheatre/ The shop at the CAMP Lejre Project DK

         White area, at Park, Museum of Hollufgaard Odense DK

         Erotic, at Toldboden Kerteminde DK

         Around White Filosofgangen Odense DK

         White Chamber, at Expansion  The Cultur Factory Copenhagen DK

1999 White Line Walking, FIndoor Compartment, Kunstlerhaus Guterabfertigung, Bremen D

         Wall to Wall, Toldboden Kerteminde DK

1997 Virvar, Klosterbakken Odense DK

1996 Fight Back , Klosterbakken Odense DK

         Paintings, Krasnapolsky Copenhagen DK

1993 Drawings, Charlottenborgs  Efteraarsudstiling Copenhagen DK

1990 Artists Books, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde DK

        12 boards at the Easter Exhibition Tistrup DK

         Paintings, Charlottenborgs Foraarsudstilling, Copenhagen DK

         Paintings, Charlottenborgs Efteraarsudstilling, Copenhagen DK

1989 Paintings, Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense DK

         Paintings, Charlottenborgs  Foraarsudstilling Copenhagen DK

         Rubins Collage Exhibition, Exhibition Place for Contemporary Art Copenhagen DK

1988 Paintings, Artists  Easter  Exhibition AArhus DK

         Paintings, Spanien19B, AArhus. DK

         Drawings, Charlottenborgs Foraarsudstilling Copenhagen DK

         Tort, Gallery xxx, Stockholm  SE

1987 Paintings, Kunstnernes Paaskeudstilling, AArhus DK

         Jars, Ridehuset, AArhus, DK

1986 Den Frie Efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen DK

         FAF`s Pagt, Odense Harbour.DK


2022 Qwerty, I declair war against, Portugal Lissabon P


Sct. Hans Hospital, Roskilde. DK 1990

The Roskilde Festival. DK 1990

Frederiksbjerg  Public house Aarhus. DK 1995

Bygningsrenovering Odense. DK 1998

Allerslev  Public School, Lejre DK decoration of tunnel.DK 2005

Sondre School Grindsted, Decoraton of aula.DK 2007

Avnstrup KIndergarden, decoration.DK 2010

Osted  Private School, OFE. Decoration and intire interior. DK 2013


Artcounsil, scholarship for Young Artst 1988 & 1990

Aarhus Municipality, Scholarship 1995

Herman Madsen og Charlotte Henriksens mndelegat 1997

Granted  workshop, for Art and Crafts, Gl DOK, the Mnistery of Culture  1999

Odense Muncipalty, Working scholarship 1999

The Woodstock Guild, Byrdclffe Art Colony Woodstock NY 2001

Granted travelling scholarship,   Mnistery of Culture 2001

The  Ministery of Art, the art foundation for The Camp Lejre  Art Project 2002

Ministery of Culture, working scholarship 2004

Artist in Residence, Gullkistan, Laugarvatn Iceland 2009

The Ministery of Culture,  working scholarship 2011

Several grants for the Qwerty art group and projects 2004 - 2017


Represented  in Rubins Collage Collection DK

Represented at The  Museum of Fine Art, Copenhagen DK

Represented at the viewing Program,  the Drawing Center NY USA

Represented at Eriks Jahns Private collection DK


Byrdcliffe art Colony Woodstock NY state. USA 2001

Artist in Residence, Laugarvatn, Iceland. IS 2009

Artist residence, Slettingen, Hjorring, Denmark. DK 2018



A  member of the Danish Artists Associations of visual artists ( BKF)

A member of The Artist Society

Chariman of The Artcounsil  in  Regon Seeland from 2006 - 2009