Work on paper


CONCEPT : Since 1997 I have constantly trying to develope my work on paper. I try to find and develope a new strategy and method  for each project, to find the best possible form to expres the idea.  And here aswell. White is the main goal for my approach.

I 1997 I developed the puncture drawaings for the book Flat no.15, which was made in Cairo Egypt. The idea was to make  the idea of a book visible. The fact  that   the viewer actually have to, view throught the fysical pages, makes the book  alive  and more challinging than a simple drawing behind glass. The book become a three dimentional object, a kind of film you look through page by page, and because the sides are punctured it  becomes as if you walk through space after space, from one room to another.

In 2008 the book had developed into writing,but still with the idea of having the book look and fel like an image  a kind of drawing, unless its text. I tried to draw the words, and doing it by inviting the different primary colors into the white space

BOOKS IN UNICA 2008 -09:

02  Living with terror. Unica, cm 12 x 18, 10 Pages. Ink on paper.

01 Books in unika from 2008-09 in different language, danish and english.Ink on paper.

05 Drawing no 4 From a serie of puncture drawings The silience of time 1999. Size A3.

03 The unica book freedom, 2008. cm 12,5 x 21, 10 pages. Ink on paper.

05 Drawing no. 6 in the serie The silience of time, 1999. Size A3.


Book in unica  cm 20 x 20, 92 pages.

Punctured book telling the story from 92 circles hanged on the wall. From the exhibition Around White. Text in danish.


Whit  light drawings I want t oshow and use the possibility of making the drawing more flexible. To show that time is an important componant and that it never sleeps. In this way the light drawings become alive, and are never the same at any time of the day. And further more, the drawings now become 3 dimentional, and not only a flat object on the wall.

The drawings are buildt up inside the frame and consist of 4 - 5 layers of cardboard.On the front the drawing is hidden by a layer of white paper, so only a shadow is visible, made from the light of the opening of the back. From the back its possible to see inside the frame.When the daylight change, the drawing change too, and at night the front is white.

01 The front of the drawing, showing the shape and silhuet of the mountain, and the opening of light coming through from the back.

02 Showing the back side of the drawing, here its possible to look inside the frame. The back cover is painted adding another layer to the drawing.